The Great American Tax Dodge

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One of the big news stories is the justice department’s settlement with Credit Suisse for its long running scheme in helping well-healed Americans avoid paying taxes.  The bank is admitting and pleading guilty to charges that it falsified records and … Continued

More Benghazi Lunacy

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Surprise!  The Republicans are — again — trying to use the tragedy in Libya to whip their base into another lather and provide more ridiculous fodder for the talk show hosts on the right.  This is nothing but a cheap … Continued

Waste,Fraud and Abuse

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The Congress (House) recently voted to cut the food stamp program by 40 billion dollars over the next ten years.  The rationale:  we need to cut waste ,fraud and abuse in the government.  If that’s really the goal, then the … Continued

America — what’s wrong?

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the answer: there’s nothing wrong with America.  There are some things that need to be changed.  But our fundamental values and ideals are intact; we have god-fearing, hard working people, and still – in spite of some problems (notably too … Continued

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