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The Real Republican Agenda

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All my friends are Republicans, but I in no way want that to be a reflection on me.  I’ve told all these people that I’d sooner admit to being a child-molester than a Republican.  Obviously this has (to my personal … Continued

Mike Huckabee . . . is the Devil!

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Mike Huckabee . . .the Devil?  I’m kidding of course.  It’s easy though to imagine him as some giant homophobic monster crawling up out of the Louisiana swamps.  With the air waves filled with news about the Indiana and Arkansas … Continued

The Gang of 47 . . . a Solution

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Recently forty-seven Republicans signed an open letter (initiated by some sod-kicking clod from Arkansas whose been in the Senate al of sixty days) to the mullahs in Iran stating their opposition to the agreement the President is attempting to negotiate … Continued

The Inevitability of Mitt

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Sometime ago I wrote a blog piece about a possible Romney redux. I said in the piece that there was a strong possibility that Mitt would be the Republican nominee in the 2016 presidential election ( this was at a … Continued

John Boehner’s Whiskey Lament

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In his recent State of the Union speech President Obama put forth some new policy proposals—things that he would like to work on in his last two years. One of these was legislation to allow workers to earn up to … Continued

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