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December | 2014 | The Money Trader Blog

The Cuba Decision

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President Obama today announced steps to normalize relations with Cuba. This was coupled with Cuba agreeing to release Allan Gross, a political prisoner held in a Cuban prison for over five years. This helps to end more than fifty years … Continued

Here Comes Jeb . . . Maybe?

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Jeb Bush came out today and, more or less, announced himself as a candidate for the Republican nomination in the upcoming 2016 presidential contest. Nothing could be more boring. But this must have sent a tingle of excitement up the … Continued

Thought for the Day

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Republicans are going to be falling all over themselves to come out in defense of the CIA, claiming that what was done to these prisoner/detainees was not really torture. All that I will say to that is — there are … Continued

A Failed Justice System

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In order to achieve a more fair and equitable (colorblind ) justice system in this country, we need to first recognize that there are no extenuating circumstances that should allow a cop when engaging a suspected lawbreaker (irrespective of the … Continued

A Thoroughly Bull Shit Issue

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Let’s be clear about something.  The Ram’s players who demonstrated, with their hands up, their opposition to the recent Ferguson Grand jury decision not to indict the officer in the murder of Michael Brown — the unarmed black teenager involved … Continued