A Call to Patriotism

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Let’s be clear about something — America still has the strongest and best military in the world.  We are the leader of the so-called “free world” and the one country that other western democracies look to for leadership when there’s an international crisis.  Russia has reclaimed the Crimea — through what President Obama has called an illegal referendum — and is now threatening further expansion with a massing of troops on the Ukrainian border.  The U.S. government, in partnership with its European allies, has issued a strong set of economic sanctions against the Russian banks, government officials and some private individuals.  U.S. military involvement in the region is really not a credible option, yet the president is being criticized by elements on the right for not being tougher with Putin.  This is total political bullshit.

It would be helpful at a time like this if we all in this country (regardless of party) stood together and supported our constitutionally elected president — white or black.  That would be the patriotic thing to do.  George Bush got a complete pass (from both sides of the aisle) for his Iraq boondoggle.  It’s currently not helpful to have a foreign policy phony like John McCain, or a hominy and grits piece-of-shit like Lindsey Graham , out there criticizing the president.  We can give John McCain credit for his service during Vietnam.  But we should also keep in mind that just sitting in a bamboo cage for three years in the jungle does not qualify a person as a foreign policy expert.  There’s no excuse though for that loud mouth Graham.  His attacks are despicable because they’re purely political.

Then there’s that 9/11 clown Rudy Giuliani.  This is the goof-ball former mayor and self-anointed foreign policy expert who appointed ex-con Bernie Kerik New York Police Commissioner and recommended him to George W. Bush to be Director of Homeland Security.  And who is Mitt Romney to tell the president how to conduct a forceful American foreign policy.  Let’s remember it was Barack Obama who got Osama Bin Laden.  Not that limp-dicked Republican George Bush.  Romney has no foreign policy credentials — period.  He’s just another over-blown business type, a Chamber of Commerce empty suit who is mostly just pissed off because he lost the election.

Now all you see on Fox News are morons like Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz falling all over each other to renounce the president and express their wholehearted approval and admiration for Vladimir Putin.  This is disgusting!  What really hurts America and makes this country weak is when you have cheap-shot artist and political con men like Ted Cruz and the rest of that ilk sniping at the president and criticizing him for his handling of foreign policy issues like the Ukraine, Syria and Iran.

We can grumble here at home and argue among ourselves over domestic policy — whether women should have equal pay with men, and whether same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. But when it comes to serious issues of foreign policy, we should all — as good patriotic Americans — salute the flag, stand behind our president — the Commander-in-Chief — and present a united front.  He is after all the chief of the executive branch, and the person — under the constitution — charged with the responsibility to execute this country’s foreign policy, not the congress.  Our well meaning Republican friends seem to forget this.

Conservatives always need a boogie man like Saddam Hussein, Vladimir Putin — or an “ism” like communism, socialism or terrorism — to validate their neurotic obsessive, paranoid-homophobic, cold war neo-con rantings.  It’s easy for a couple of inveterate gas bags like John McCain and Lindsey Graham to attack and criticize President Obama as being weak in facing up to Putin.  But remember they’re not the ones constitutionally charged with the duty to protect this nation.  And they’re not the one with their finger on the “war” button, and we should all be thankful for that.  Who are these disgraceful, counterfeit patriots?  They’re Republicans — of course.

So, suck it up — assholes!  Get on the home team, and get off the president’s back.  He’s on the side of America, and not some sorry, moronic neo-con ideology.

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