A Failed Justice System

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In order to achieve a more fair and equitable (colorblind ) justice system in this country, we need to first recognize that there are no extenuating circumstances that should allow a cop when engaging a suspected lawbreaker (irrespective of the person’s color ) to use deadly force — legally sanctioned murder —  when arresting someone for what is essentially a misdemeanor crime.  In Ferguson just a week ago we got an example of a failed justice system.  A cop killed an unarmed black teenager and there was no indictment.  Today in New York we got another example of a failed justice system.  In this case a cop choked to death an unarmed black man, violating all police department protocols for use of deadly force.  The coroner on the case ruled this a homicide.  And again, there was no indictment. In both cases an officially empanelled Grand Jury failed to deliver an indictment in cases that involved excessive use of force by police.

What are people, concerned citizens ( the public ) to make of this?  Are these rogue cops?  Or are they just representative of the broader culture of the police in this country. The message is that police can murder people at will, at their discretion, and there is no  real accountability.  The prosecutors in the particular jurisdiction depend on the police to provide them with the evidence they need to prosecute criminals and get convictions so they can get re-elected to their jobs.  And the cops provide the evidence, no matter how biased or tainted it might be — particularly in cases involving black Americans. This is what’s known in nature as a symbiotic relationship.  One body or organism serving the needs of another so both can better exist in their separate environments.  Is this justice, or just another example of a criminal justice system using ( and abusing ) the  power and prerogatives of a rogue civil authority  (the cops ) against the rights and civil liberties of most law abiding Americans?

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