Bowe Bergdahl — Deserter or Confused Patriot?

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Bowe Bergdahl is coming home from Afghanistan — a deeply disturbed and obviously confused young American soldier. He went there as a soldier thinking he was going to save a people.  As a nation, stunned and horrified by the 9-11 attack, we went there to get our nemesis Osama Bin Laden, and stayed there to build a nation. He is a symbol of this country’s deep ambivalence, and confusion, about its mission in the Middle East.

Bowe Bergdahl obviously had no clear understanding about why he was in the military.  He is by his temperament – as we are just now learning – a missionary in a flak jacket.  He thought he was in Afghanistan to help the people and save the nation.

Likewise, America — in its intentions —  is just as confused.  We don’t know as a country whether we went there to avenge a wrong and fight a war, or whether we are there — ten years later —  to build a nation, whether we are soldiers or missionaries.

Can we honestly condemn Bowe Bergdahl for his motives, when we as a country were just as confused and misguided in our own intentions.  If you want to be honest, I don’t think so.  I wonder what Jesus would have to say about this?

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