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Denny Hastert Cops A Plea

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Last week Politico reported that former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert had entered a plea of guilty on a single felony charge of violating bank money transfer laws enacted after 9/11 as part of the Patriot Act to counter illegal … Continued

Hillary Clinton . . . the Necessary Choice

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In the coming Democrat nominating process, Hillary will likely be the necessary, but not necessarily the popular choice. By that I mean she will probably be the most formidable (electable) pick to run against the Republican candidate for president, whomever … Continued

The Sucker’s Rally

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The Dow ended down 588 points on Monday. Overnight the Chinese lowered interest rates and their reserve requirement. This had the futures contract in the overnight market up over 400 points. The markets in the U.S. opened sharply higher on … Continued

Donald Trump . . . the Media Master

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The first big Republican debate is over, drawing a record cable viewing audience. And—predictably—the Donald was the star of the show, leaving the rest of the Republican clown car standing on the corner, waiting for a cab with a dime … Continued

Ronald Reagan — the Outhouse President

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“Before he died, Thomas Jefferson wrote an epitaph for himself that he insisted not a single word be changed. It read as follows: ‘Here was buried Thomas Jefferson Author of the Declaration of American Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for … Continued

The Totally Awesome . . . Donald Trump

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On Tuesday “The Donald” as we’ve come to know and love him introduced himself — again, for what now (help me, I forget?) the fourth time to American voters as a candidate for President. In his roll-out speech he reminded … Continued

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