Chicago Violence, the NRA, Communist plots and Liberal lies, etc…As seen by a true American

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The recent weekend shootings in Chicago again highlight the discussion about the culture of guns and violence in our society. This of course gets liberals all lathered up, but it just pisses me off. They want to blame guns for all the problems in society, but it’s not guns that kill people, it’s people who kill people.

I don’t understand all the violence. But just for protection I went out and got me a gun — an AK–47 assault rifle with a thirty round clip. No problem. No background check or nothin’. Hell, anybody can get a gun in America. And that’s the way it should be. Americans should be free to exercise their rights under the second amendment of the constitution. I’m even thinking of moving to Texas where you can “open carry”. This country would be a lot safer if a lot more people were packin’. Like that fella from the NRA says: “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.” I’m even thinking’ about puttin’ a gun rack up in the window of my pick-up. I have a good-buddy in Mississippi, he has his gun with him all the time. His great-grand daddy belonged to the Klu Klux Klan.

And I’m even thinking’ about joinin’ the NRA myself because I want to make sure my gun rights are protected. What I worry most about is all those liberal ass-holes in the government tryin’ to take away my gun, my liberty and my freedom. In fact, there’s a gun rally comin’ up, and I think I’m goin’ to go to it, wave the American flag (my buddy Jo-Bob has a Confederate one) and stand up for my rights as a good tax payin’ American. Afterwards we’ll go out, drink some beer and have a little fun. I’ll leave the wife at home. I know a coupla’ gals who ain’t too fussy as long as a guy’s got enough money in his pocket. But I can’t get too drunk, cause Sunday we got some doin’s at the church, and I can’t miss that. God bless America.

I’m lucky I guess. I got me a good job at the Toyota plant, union benefits and all; but I don’t understand why some folks don’t want to work.  They should be happy just to have a job.– even if it’s just for the minimum wage. After all, opportunity is what’s important. And that’s what we got here in America.

The thing that bothers me the most though, and what I worry most about — is the criminals, the damned socialists and the illegals takin’ over the country. If you want my opinion, the trouble really comes from too much damned liberalism — too much social welfare, too many people just lookin’ for a government hand-out. That’s what’s really destroyin’ the moral fabric of the whole damn country. And what’s worse, the government is controlled by a bunch of communist and socialist bastards. It’s gettin’ so a decent, tax payin’ citizen doesn’t even have a say anymore.

The more I see and hear of this fella Ted Cruz, the more I like him. He’s a true American if you ask me. I liked what he tried to do with the debt crisis and the government shut-down. And I think I might even join the Tea Party. Those folks wanta’ shut down the government, end all the social welfare programs and defund and repeal Obamacare, and that’s all okay with me. It’s all just a big waste of the taxpayer’s money as far as I’m concerned.

We should be thankful for leaders — real statesmen — like John Boehner. And we owe Ted Cruz and the Tea Party a debt of gratitude for showing us how to stand-up to all the phony liberals and socialists in the government. We’ve become so jaded, so cynical in our politics, that we don’t even recognize honest, down-to-earth, conservative Christian principles anymore. This is disgusting.

And all this complainin’ about the war in Iraq. Hell, George Bush declared victory — “Mission Accomplished” –in May 2003, and that was only weeks after the start of the invasion. Shit, it took Julius Caesar years to conquer Gaul. So what’s all the fuss about? And people today like to complain (whine) about the money spent in Iraq. .Now I ask you, if we hadn’t spent that four trillion dollars fighting the war, plus all the nation building done in Afghanistan, how otherwise would we have spent it? It’s true we could have used the money to build roads and bridges, repair our infrastructure and invest in education and research. Probably though the liberals in the Congress would have just wasted it giving people food stamps, free health care and other kinds of welfare. All I can say is — we’re lucky we dodged that bullet. You can thank the Republicans for that piece of genius.

And maybe sometimes we’re a little too critical of our elected officials. I mean, it’s not always fun being wined and dined all day long by corporate lobbyists and other interest groups, with them giving you money and trying to influence your vote on important legislation. We shouldn’t be so critical, and so picayune — this, after all, is how crony capitalism works. And just remember, law making is not an easy task. Hell, it’s damn hard work.

Think about it. First, you’re expected to actually read all those boring goddamned bills. All that does is take time away from campaign fund raising, which everybody knows is the essential job of every politician — if they want to get re-elected. I mean, cut these poor, hard-working people some slack. Being a pork-barrel statesman is a tough and thankless job. Just ask Mitch McConnell. He knows better than anyone else in the Congress.

And the young people in this country — the millennials I think they’re called — they should not be upset that they’re being charged usurious rates of interest on their student debt and their car loans, and that the economy is so weak that they can’t find a job commensurate with their education and skills. What’s wrong with these kids? They just need to read a little more Horatio Alger and realize how lucky they are, and what a great land of opportunity America really is.

And I think it’s time to stop grousing about executive pay. Personally I’m appalled at the insensitivity that most Americans show to what has now become almost the national past-time in this country. Think about where we’d be if it weren’t for corporate America. Think about what it must be like to spend as much as twenty hours of your week on the golf course. And maybe you’re only making twenty million dollars a year (minus stock options and bonuses) why, the greens fees alone must be a killer. I mean, think about it for a minute. Greens fees at the typical private club have (over the past twenty years) gone through the roof. How does a struggling executive ever make ends meet? This is a crisis America . How can we as a nation expect the “best and the brightest” that America has to offer to endure such economic hardship. Perhaps we should forget about day-care assistance for single moms, head start programs for young kids, medical care and assistance for elderly and poor Americans, and — need I mention, probably the worst social extravagance of them all — food stamps. Somehting needs to be done to help poor, struggling CEO’s. Maybe we need to bring back the Nixon era price controls, and put a stop to the rising cost of greens fees.

This is truly appalling. I mean Iraq today — with the Sunni insurgence — is bad; the immigrant/refugee kids on the border sleeping on the floors is bad; but how can we as a nation of compassionate and caring people countenance the truly awful plight of America’s best compensated executives. I honestly don’t know the answer. People without health care, the homeless, and people in America who don’t have enough to eat — these problems are all cause for concern. But the escalating cost of greens fees — this is a crisis America! The moral equivalent of war!

Personally I’m abhorred by the people in this country who think they have a God given right to a job, fair pay and equal opportunity in the work place. What do they think this is — the Soviet Union? If you ask me, this is carrying things a little too far. People should stop complaining, pay their taxes and shut their mouths. No one really cares what they think anyway. As Mitt Romney told us, these people are the “takers”, the forty-seven percent of thankless Americans who don’t earn their own way but expect the government to take care of them. Enough I say.

Americans shouldn’t bitch that it was taxpayer money that bailed-out the big banks in the 2008 financial crisis. Rather they should just feel glad that they took part in such a truly worthwhile enterprise, and today are part of our country’s great and munificent system of free-market capitalism.  You know, “a chicken in every pot,” and all that stuff.

After all, everyone knows that it’s the hard work and innitiative of the wealthy that keeps the rest of us poor slobs working. That it’s the hedge fund honchos, private equity wizards, and the big banks that keep the wheels of American capitalism turning. As Winston Churchill said: “never have so many owed so much to so few,” or something like that. It’s really disgraceful, and shows a real lack of gratitude, for us working-class Americans to expect these gifted, dedicated, magnificently endowed people — the ones who really make things work for the rest of us — to pay their fair share of the income tax , and bear their share of the social burden. Certainly this is too much to ask, and perhaps we should just be thankful for their grudging munificence. Like Jesus said: “render unto to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and give to God what is His.”

We should, I think, stop complaining about all the inequality and just be thankful for the largesse bestowed on us by the top one-percent. Personally I’m disgusted by all the mealy-mouthed liberalism in the country. And people who are starving, who are sick and can’t afford medical help, who are homeless or out of work, all need to know and appreciate, according to today’s Republican ideology, what an important character building experience it is to be destitute — with no hope for a brighter future — and not to have to depend on the government for assistance. What a magnificent, liberating feeling. Only in America could an individual realize this kind of opportunity.

This is John Wayne country,  and truly the American ideal — a place where the rugged cowboy individualist reigns supreme, alone and self-sufficient, bravely facing the struggles and hardships of the prairie frontier.

Happy trails America!

The Money Trader

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