Jeb’s Big Flub

Jeb’s Big Flub

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Jeb Bush hasn’t even officially entered the race for the 2016 Republican nomination for President. But in the minds of many, he probably already officially disqualified himself with his ham-handed, bone-headed handling of the Iraq war question, a softball slow-pitch—served up ever so obligingly by Megan Kelley the Fox news anchor—that Bush should have tee-ed up and hit right out of the park with an “absolutely no” response. Instead he flubbed it.

Mitt Romney must be preening his mustaches right now and polishing his American flag lapel pin because once Bush has totally eliminated himself from the race with stupid answers to easy questions the Republican establishment will have to go to Mitt with hat-in-hand to ask him to be their candidate, simply because there won’t be anyone left in the Republican clown car (in spite of their boasts of a “deep” field) with the stature to make the race—except maybe John Kasich, and the only person who’s going to get excited about a Kasich candidacy is his mother.

It has to be deeply distressing for the Republican fat-cats (Wall Street Banksters, big-money honchos who are being asked to bankroll the deal) and their cronies looking to regain the White House when they see Jeb performing so poorly on the stump, especially this early in the show, before he is even officially a candidate. They have to be asking themselves if this is really the pony they want to put into the race. This is what has Mitt licking his chops. In an earlier blog back on February 25th titled: “The Inevitability of Mitt” I predicted that he would be the candidate for the reasons just mentioned, Jeb’s tendency to flub. I stand by my prediction, and the ticket will be Romney/Rubio.  And on the other side it will be Clinton and Warren.  How do you like that?

Is it possible that Jeb is even dumber than his brother?

Hillary Clinton is not going to have an easy stroll to the nomination—Bernie Sanders will keep the heat on her—but her staff won’t allow her to disqualify herself by making the kinds of gaffes and flubs that Jeb Bush seems already so prone to make. Is it possible that Jeb is even dumber than his brother? Hard to believe. But as they say: “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”.

Stay tuned. This is only going to get goofier!

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