Justice in America

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Right now fast-food workers across this country are striking for higher pay because they can’t live on the minimum wage that they are paid for working, and right now they are also being arrested even though they have a legal right (under this country’s labor laws) to strike.  

Instead of arresting the Wall Street bankers (the real criminals in this society) who caused the financial crisis that illegally put millions of people out of their homes, and out of their jobs.  Yet we arrest poor working people who are legally just trying to get for themselves a livable wage.  It seems we’ve devolved into nothing but a dictatorial police state where the rights of the wealthy and privileged are protected.  And the rights of the poor and the disadvantaged in the society get trammeled upon.  This is not justice.  And there’s a message in this for everyone.  The right response would be a nation-wide boycott of all these fast-food places that can’t even pay their employees a livable wage.  It makes me ashamed for a country that is so boastful about its economy and its wealth.

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