Look in the Mirror

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If you’re a conscientious American concerned with the grid-lock in Washington. If you believe that the differences between the parties are just too insuperable to ever achieve any kind of workable consensus in the Congress, then I have a possible solution, an idea how we might start to bridge at least some of the differences. Let’s start with some basic propositions:

> climate change is not a real problem, but mostly just bad science.

> U.S. border control is an essential priority, and the kids now on the border need to deported as quickly as possible.

> the Affordable Care Act is costing American jobs and needs to repealed.

> the free-market is the answer to every problem.

> the recent Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling was a good decision.

>the federal government can’t do anything right, and spends too much money.

> immigration reform should not allow for any kind of amnesty, and illegals in this country should all be deported.

> voter fraud is a major problem, and voters should be required to show proper I.D.

> the debt limit should never be increased.

> increasing the minimum wage is a bad idea and will only decrease employment

If you believe all or most of the above statements are correct, then look in the mirror. The person looking back at you is not the solution to this country’s challenges, but part of the problem. First you need to change the way you think, and then the way you vote.

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