Mike Huckabee . . . is the Devil!

Mike Huckabee . . . is the Devil!

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devilMike Huckabee . . .the Devil?  I’m kidding of course.  It’s easy though to imagine him as some giant homophobic monster crawling up out of the Louisiana swamps.  With the air waves filled with news about the Indiana and Arkansas “Religious Rights” legislation, the grandstanding politician felt compelled–yet again–to weigh in with another bigoted rant against gays and homosexuals and the entire LGBT community.  What’s wrong with this guy anyway?  Who anointed him?  Who does he think he is — God?  How is it that he thinks it’s his right to pass judgment on another person’s sexuality?  This is shameful, and it’s wrong.  It’s categorically none of his business what the LGBT’s do in their private personal lives.  Why doesn’t he just mind his own goddamned business and leave these people alone?

There is no such thing as the Devil.  But there is a little bit of the devil in all of us.

There is no such thing as the Devil.  But there is a little bit of the devil in all of us.  We all have personal prejudices.  However, most normal, well-adjusted  people work to control their worst thoughts, darker impulses and anti-social behaviors.  Not Mike Huckabee though.  He lets it all hang out.  With all the unchecked zeal of a true evangelist and religious sermonizer, he just can’t keep his mouth shut, feels compelled to spew forth — on the least provocation — his mean-spirited babble to the world.  This is disgusting, and an affront to common decency.

In a piece on Bloomberg News, the erstwhile preacher (cum presidential candidate) has just christened himself the new Republican Prince of Darkness.  During an interview Wednesday on the Family Research Council’s radio program “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” he upped the ante in his on going attacks on gays and lesbians, intimating that gay rights activists have a larger objective (hidden agenda) than just the controversy swirling over the “Religious Freedom” bill, and are actually waging a war on religion.  As they say, you can’t make this shit  up.  Here’s the quote:

“It won’t stop until there are no more churches, until there are no more people who are spreading the Gospel,” the former Arkansas governor is  quoted in responding to a question from the show’s moderator.

Is this religious paranoia or what?  This kind of twisted nonsense is pure, divisive hate-mongering (Devil inspired?) with no place in the public dialogue — certainly not in the political arena.  If my mother were still alive today, and she heard this — she’d put soap in his mouth.  From youth we’re all taught right from wrong.  In his heart Mike Huckabee must know this is wrong, but he does it anyway.  That’s how a sociopath behaves, and that is what is so despicable.  He is at bottom just a political panderer, an opportunistic self-interested politician spewing forth the kind of hatefulness and vitriol that he thinks his base wants to hear.

So, my suggestion to Mike Huckabee — if you think you’ve got the “right stuff” to be President, then act Presidential.  Talk about how you intend to bring people together, to unite and help the country — all the people (the poor, the sick and the disadvantaged like Jesus), but don’t discriminate against individuals that you don’t even know just so you can grab a headline and toss out some more Republican red meat to those salivating goof balls on the extreme right of your party.

This just shows that the ex-preacher really has no respect for the God-given uniqueness, the individuality of all humans.  Maybe there is no real Devil, but anybody with a soul so poisoned with hatred and bigotry must — when he looks in the mirror — see a set of horns.  There is nobody  in the Republican clown-car of potential candidates more self-consciously evil.  And the Republican party should be ashamed to have such a man under their banner, to provide him such a prominent place on the national stage.  He’s a disgrace to everything that’s holy.  I’ve never seen a bigger and more pious, self-congratulatory religious fraud. Right now you’re probably thinking — boy, you are unforgiving.  No, I am forgiving.  But I’ve also learned to recognize a turd when I see one.  Somebody needs to kick this guy off the stage, take the podium away from this dangerous, megalomaniac, demagogue clown because there is no limit to what he will say or do just to grab a headline.  Jesus would never want such a hateful and spiteful hypocrite as a disciple.

The lesson in all this — even God sometimes makes mistakes.  He obviously made a big one when he created Mike Huckabee.  But I can forgive him.  I’m posting this on the Easter Holiday — a time to remember Jesus and what he tried to teach.  This is also the appropriate time to ask for a little more personal charity — a little more kindness and compassion, and a greater acceptance of our personal differences (we’re not all alike, but we do share a common humanity)  — a little more tolerance and understanding.

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