More Benghazi Lunacy

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Surprise!  The Republicans are — again — trying to use the tragedy in Libya to whip their base into another lather and provide more ridiculous fodder for the talk show hosts on the right.  This is nothing but a cheap political trick in an attempt to hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances in a 2016 presidential bid — should she decide to run.  A congressional oversight panel has already investigated the Benghazi affair — and guess what?  There was no smoking gun.

There is though something that people need to understand, particularly those on the right.  The embassy in Benghazi was not a diplomatic mission.  It was a CIA outpost, and the U.S. ambassador who was killed was there to provide cover for what (sadly) turned out to be a failed intelligence gathering operation.  From prior foreign service experience he knew Libya and its people.  He also knew the dangers.  And I’m sure he voluntarily accepted the assignment out of a sense of duty and patriotism.  He should be honored for his courage and his sacrifice, as should the CIA contract operatives who died in his company.

Tragic as it was — it needs to be understood that Benghazi was not a state department   diplomatic/managerial failure, but another failed CIA mission.  If there is blame to be handed out for what happened in Benghazi, it belongs with the CIA.  As Americans we should all be used to this now — as it relates to the CIA — because it happens all too often.  And if Republicans want to uncover a real scandal, maybe they should investigate the 25 %  of S&P 500 companies that don’t pay any income tax.  Mostly though I think conservatives want to hold their hearings just to exploit the issue to raise money.  They know this will get their base of right-wing support all revved up.  It is rather despicable, I think, to turn a human tragedy like Benghazi into a fund raising gimmick.

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