Republican Flexibility . . .the Religious Freedom (Anti-Gay Rights) Bill

Republican Flexibility . . .the Religious Freedom (Anti-Gay Rights) Bill

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It’s always fun to watch, a real “tickle me” moment when hard-line Republican principles “family values” come into direct conflict with their first commandment — money.

rainbow-13902_640This happened yesterday in Indiana, and it was almost delicious to watch.  Mike Pence, the state’s governor, and his legislature thought they had it all just right with their so-called Religious Freedom, anti-gay rights bill.  Then they started getting calls from all over the country from their fellow Republicans, the big-business donor types, threatening a business boycott of the state, in essence telling them that they were out of touch with reality and on the wrong side of public opinion with their discriminatory bill.  But more importantly, this was going to start costing people money.  This was God and family values coming into virtuous conflict with the free-market; prompting, of course, an immediate re-think (flip flop) on the “values”  thing.

I just love it!  It’s a delicious moment, and always a  fun thing to watch when the Republican adults (the business moderates) in the party have to come into the room and put the kids (the hard-line conservative right-wing) in the corner for a time-out.  This is what you call a real “come to Jesus” moment.  You wonder though, is this true ideological flexibility — or just rank hypocrisy?


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