The Cuba Decision

The Cuba Decision

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President Obama today announced steps to normalize relations with Cuba. This was coupled with Cuba agreeing to release Allan Gross, a political prisoner held in a Cuban prison for over five years. This helps to end more than fifty years of a failed isolationist policy toward Cuba, and is something that was long overdue. This does not end the embargo, but is big positive step for better relations with Cuba.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a good thing for America and the Gross family, a good thing for Cuba, and a good thing for Cuban Americans. The only negative is that it gave an undeserved partisan platform to Senator Marco Rubio, a right-wing cold-war troglodyte with presidential aspirations to come out and denounce the President for what can only be viewed as a brave new first step in improving U.S.–Cuban relations.

We should recall that only yesterday the Senator had the rug unceremoniously yanked out from under his presidential aspirations when Jeb Bush (his fellow Republican and fellow Floridian) announced he was forming an exploratory committee in anticipation of a 2016 run for president. Not a good day for the Rubio camp since a Jeb Bush candidacy would essentially freeze the senator out of the Republican fund raising sweepstakes and put an abrupt end to his incubating presidential aspirations.

Taken in context then, this possibly helps explain the senator’s pique and his criticism of the Obama decision. This is easy to decipher. As a good general rule, I’ve found that if Republicans are against something — and particularly if the opposition is strenuous — then it’s almost certainly a good idea. It’s probably time for us to recognize our neighbors to the south, and try to have a better relationship — notwithstanding the out-dated “Cold War” communist nonsense that is sure to come from the Republican side of the aisle.

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