The Do-Nothing Congress

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This country’s hard working “do nothing” Congress took time out of their busy schedule to pass a resolution authorizing a congressional lawsuit against the president — this as a prelude to impeachment. The basis of the suit is that the president used an executive order to delay the employer mandate of the Affordable Health Care Act and thus over reached his authority as president. It should be noted that this is something (the employer mandate) that Republicans opposed all along, and one of the principle reasons that the Republicans worked so hard to repeal Obama Care. It seems more than a little ironic that the president’s action on this one element of the Affordable Health Care Act should now be the basis of the GOP suit.

The Congress is about to go on a five-week break. They will be gone all of the month of August. They will come back for just ten days in September. They will serve (work on the public’s business — the reason we elected them in the first place) all of two days in October. Their will be no work done in the Congress until after the mid-term elections in November.

As the members in Congress go home for the summer break, they leave behind them a full docket of unfinished business. There has been nothing done on the backlog of veterans waiting to receive their rightful health care benefits, nothing done on student loans and the banking abuses in those programs, nothing done on the minimum wage, nothing done on immigration and the “Crisis on the Border”– and critically, nothing done on the highway funding authorization that is about to run out of time and  money.

And yet, before they basically take the rest of the year off, the Republicans today found time in their busy schedule to pass this bill authorizing the Congress (namely the House of Representatives) to sue the president for basically doing his job. This is really the “theatre of the absurd.” The idea that we pay these people (Republicans and Democrats alike) for this kind of lame performance is even more absurd.

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