The Inevitability of Mitt

The Inevitability of Mitt

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Sometime ago I wrote a blog piece about a possible Romney redux. I said in the piece that there was a strong possibility that Mitt would be the Republican nominee in the 2016 presidential election ( this was at a time, earlier this year, when Mitt was running around the country making speeches and seriously acting like a candidate even though he pretended that he wasn’t ). Then Jeb Bush tossed his hat into the ring—well, sort of. And Mitt quite accomodatingly stepped back. I say he just “stepped back” because I don’t believe he wants ( nor did he intend )to totally withdraw himself from the party’s consideration.

I wrote before that there was a strong possibility that Mitt would be the Republican candidate for President in the upcoming election in the fall of 2016. I now believe that it is almost inevitable that he will be the party’s nominee, and here’s why.

Mitt Romney, 2012. Photo: BU Interactive News, some rights reserved.
Mitt Romney, 2012.
Photo: BU Interactive News, some rights reserved.

The last Republican primary was a real unabated clown show, what with the likes of Huckabee and Santorum—the bible thumpers, the ever-present and always egregious Donald Trump, the pizza mogul Herman Caine, and who can forget ( even though many of us would like to ) Newt Gingrich with his plan to colonize the moon. This is goof-ball politics on steroids—of a type that only the Republicans can do. And the new, soon-to-come Republican primary will be a slightly different cast of Looney Tune characters, but still the same cartoon all over again. While this is all silliness and a lot of fun for the rest of us, it’s serious stuff ( lots of money involved ) and quite dangerous for the candidates. One campaign misstep, one national T.V. prime-time debate flub (like Jerry Ford’s famous gaffe about Czechoslovakia not being behind the Iron Curtain ) and you’re political toast.

All politicians need to be nimble and adroit in how they talk on serious issues, and how they handle themselves in all the various venues ( public speeches and town hall meetings etc. ) along the campaign trail. Nimble and adroit are not words you can use in a sentence describing any of the Bushes—not Poppy Bush, certainly not George W., and probably not ( more than likely not ) the young son Jeb. After all, he’s been out of the political lime-light and away from the campaign process for some time. It’s inevitable ( almost a sure bet ), being a Bush ( this is coded into the family’s genes), that he’ll make a flub, say something so astoundingly stupid that he’ll immediately disqualify himself as a serious contender for the country’s top political job.

Enter ( stage left, guess who? ) Mitt Romney.

Enter ( stage left, guess who? ) Mitt Romney. Right now the way it looks Jeb will probably get the nomination ( the other guys—Christie, Kasich, Walker, Rubio and Rand Paul will all dissolve like Alka Seltzer in a glass of water before the Republicans hold their convention ). Once Jeb is gone, Romney will ( literally ) be the Republican’s last “Great White Hope” to win the presidency. When Jeb implodes, as he surely will, the Republican establishment will be forced to come to Romney on bended-knee. This will be high drama, and political theatre at it’s best—all great fun for political junkies. Romney will be anointed as the party’s standard bearer, and this will be all that the media will focus on from the coronation right up to the election in the fall.

This will probably work to Hillary’s advantage ( assuming of course there’s no tectonic shift in the Democrat party and she’s the candidate). The cable news stations and the print media will all be focused like a lazer on what’s happening in the Republican party, so Hillary will be able to fly a little bit under the national radar. Like I said this will probably be more of a help than a hindrance for her.

And Romney’s late-cycle coronation won’t change anything—he’ll still lose the election.


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