The Nation’s “Top Cops” . . .and Obama Shittin’ his Pants

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Over the weekend a man climbed the fence around the White House and got inside the front door before he was finally tackled and brought to heel by a Secret Service agent. The question: how was the man able to get that far in the first place, and how come there isn’t a lock on the door of the White House? And this latest incident (breakdown in security) is the perfect metaphor for how Washington operates (doesn’t work). No wonder people are pissed-off and disillusioned.  A congressman being interviewed on MSNBC this morning even mused out loud about the possibility of a culture of mediocrity within the Secret Service.  Ya think!

We should remember that it was only a little over a year ago that this same elite bunch of agents (the U.S. Secret Service) were caught drunk and partying with hookers in Columbia. Now I like to party, and I have nothing against hookers, they’re probably the most honest and straight-forward, hard-working, salt-of-the earth people that you’ll ever find anywhere. At least the ones I’ve known. And these guys who screwed-up this time (I say guys because the gals could never be that stupid or incompetent) they’ll probably just be put on paid leave. That’s the really great thing about Washington, no body ever gets fired when they shit the bed, nobody is ever responsible for anything (recall the big Wall Street bankers who torpedoed the economy in the financial crisis).

The guys who screwed-up this time will probably be put on “administrative” leave, with no loss of income. They’ll go fishing, and then two years later — after an exhaustive review — the decision will be made to put locks on the White House, and these guys will come back to work with great sun tans and no problems. And we will all be wondering: Gee — how do I get a job working in the government? This is what really pisses people off about Washington. Everything gets screwed-up, but nobody is ever responsible, nobody ever loses a job or misses a paycheck.

We read these insipid Tom Clancy novels, watch the movies, and all come away with the idea that security at the White House is all this starched-up and button-downed, military style operation. What a lot of crapola! But we should probably remember that it’s this same bunch of government nincompoops — the “Top Cops” of the U.S. Secret Service — who are charged with the responsibility to protect the president of the United States., arguably you could say the most important person on the planet. These are the same clowns (they remind me more of the Keystone Cops in the old silent movies) who are suppose to “have the president’s back”.  I wonder just what sort of things Mrs. Obama whispers in the President’s ear (what’s going on with these guys?) when she sees an incident like this happen at the White House?

If I were President Obama, I’d be scared shitless right now, and I’d be thinking about out-sourcing the job of my protection — maybe to the KGB. I mean, the Russians like their vodka, but probably they couldn’t do any worse a job than our own Secret Service. Think about it. These guys are celebrated in the movies and the popular fiction, but some of these “Top Cops” couldn’t  get a security job at the mall, or even grab their own ass with both hands in two tries.

It must be a little distressing to the president if you just think about it. I mean these guys, or gals ( the Secret Service of the United States) are suppose to be part of an elite corps, one of the agencies on the front line in the fight against terrorism. But it turns out that almost anybody can get through the gates surrounding the White House, and even force their way inside the residence. Apparently there is a dog who is supposed to be let loose to chase down anyone who gets inside the gates onto the grounds. In this instance no one let the dog loose. So we ask ourselves, was somebody sleeping on the job? We’re never going to know. That’s not news the government would want to publicize.

Are we to assume then that the other government agencies (the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, or even the CIA for that matter) are any better at protecting this country’s domestic security than the Secret Service is at protecting the President? Probably we should not take this for granted. This latest incident involving the Secret Service brings to mind, like I said, the bumbling ineptitude of the Keystone Cops. And we should not think that the FBI or the Department of Homeland security is anymore competent than the Secret Service.

If you’re sitting at home right now wringing your hands about another 9/11 attack, then grab your Teddy bear and get under the covers because it will happen again. Back in 2001 almost everybody in the government from the president, through the CIA down to the FBI had been alerted that something (a 9/11 style attack with airplanes) was imminent. George Bush and his national security team were briefed as early as February that year and nothing was done. The new director of the FBI (Robert Mueller) was warned in a letter from one of his own field agents, and it was ignored.

If you’re expecting your government to protect you — forget it! There is so much inter-agency friction and jurisdictional haggling that the one hand doesn’t even know what the other one is doing. And consequently nothing of a positive nature ever gets done.

This is scary when you think about it. And like I said, if I were President Obama, I’d be shittin’ my pants right now. I’d go to Camp David in the mountains, lock my self in the Lodge House with a bunch of candy bars and some Beyonce videos and wait out the end of my term in office.. I mean, could you really blame the president. The U.S. Secret Service is hardly the elite corps portrayed to the public,but more precisely just a bunch of Cotton Candy cops. . With these guys on the job, Obama will be lucky to survive this — his last — term in office. And the American public should not expect any better from the FBI or the Department of Homeland Security. There will be another 9/11 like incident, and there’s nothing that either of these agencies can (or will do) to stop it. So my fellow Americans, just like President Obama — with the country’s “Top Cops” on the job (CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, and the Secret Service) — maybe we too should be shittin’ our pants.

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