The Totally Awesome . . . Donald Trump

The Totally Awesome . . . Donald Trump

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On Tuesday “The Donald” as we’ve come to know and love him introduced himself — again, for what now (help me, I forget?) the fourth time to American voters as a candidate for President. In his roll-out speech he reminded us all again (as if we needed the update) just what a totally awesome dude he really is. He reminded us all again (just in case we’ve forgotten) that he is a really wealthy guy. Forbes recently pegged Trump’s wealth at 4.1 billion dollars. Trump told us himself Tuesday that he is worth 9 billion dollars. He must trade at Goldman Sachs, only they could double his money that fast. His money though is not really the issue. The issue is—what could Donald Trump do for America if by some fluke he were to wind-up in the White House.

The first thing to recognize, Trump is not a proletarian. He’s not going to launch a worker-class revolution. But he is a pragmatic businessman, used to solving problems and motivating people to get things done. That, after all, is what we so much esteem about the business class, the ability to get things done in a reasonably efficient manner. Trump is emblematic of his class in that he represents people with a lot of money who hold the rest of us (99 % of all Americans) in the utmost contempt. Remember Mitt Romney’s 47 % of us who are the takers, and his class, the wealthiest Americans who are the makers. A Trump candidacy could throw into sharp relief the real question, and that is what kind of America do we want: one that favors money over hard work, one that favors the wealthy over the average working American. But just because Trump has accumulated a lot of personal wealth, that doesn’t mean that he will be a toady for the wealth class in America. FDR remember was reviled by the wealthy and accused of betraying his class.  So, even with a candidate as suspect as Trump, all we can do is hope for the best.

Remember, if Trump’s elected President, the guy could wind up on the one dollar bill someday.

On the light side, we have to ask ourselves, are we ready for a President with a hairdo that looks like a combed-back muskrat pelt. Do we really want the White House in Washington renamed the “Trump House”. Remember, if he’s elected President, the guy could wind up on the one dollar bill someday. Do we really want to have that smug-faced, self-satisfied mug looking back at us every time we open our wallets?

He finished his business school education at Wharton, where he made (what else?) straight A’s. His hotels are all the best — five stars! His golf courses are the best in the world, or so he tells us. His grown up children (I think it was Ivanka who introduced him on Tuesday) are all beautiful, talented and very successful working for their father. His youngest son has a (surprise!) regal sounding name — “Baron”. And Trump is, he was proud to tells us in his first book: “The Art of The Deal” the best negotiator in the world. In fact, the Library of New York had to add-on an additional wing just to house all the books he’s written. His latest wife is a fabulous looking super-model, right off the run-way at the Miss America pageant, and he has taken pains and gone to considerable length to remind us that he lives (everyday) a totally “awesome” life. Such humility! How could you not like this guy, and how could we not want him to be our next President? He is himself the living embodiment of the gross, overly indulged caricature of the “Monopoly board” tycoon (or buffoon) living in a Baroque Rococco-styled world of faded Gilded-Age glamour and bad taste. Yet, any man who can wake up every morning and manage a hairdo like that, can certainly manage the U.S. Congress and a bunch of Tea Party brats. How could we not want a guy like this to be our President?

Donald Trump is an icon, the John Wayne of American capitalism.

Like him or not, he’s not a politically correct politician. He is, in fact, the antithesis of a true politician, and he’s not some ass-kissing corporate CEO. And that just might be his advantage. Trump epitomizes success in a way that’s most identifiable for many Americans. Donald Trump is (with all the bombast aside) a self-made man and a legitimate entrepreneur. Sure, he doesn’t always pay his bills on time, and he’s been through a few bankruptcies. But hey! Nobody’s perfect. He’s made a lot of money, and he epitomizes success for most working Americans in the way that Washington and career politicians epitomizes failure. And millennials identify with him in a way they can’t with your average everyday politician like a Scott Walker or Jeb Bush. For them, Donald Trump is an icon, the John Wayne of American capitalism.  He has his own very successful T.V. show, “The Apprentice”, which I’ve never watched.  There is no doubt, however, “The Donald” considers himself ready for prime-time.  The question: is the country ready for him?  One thing is certain, it probably won’t be business-as-usual in Washington.  It’ll be different, but it won’t be Camelot.

The media are wrong to dismiss him. He has the money (if we are to believe him) to finance his whole campaign, should he decide to go that way. So in that sense, he’s for real. Whereas the rest of the Republican field ( Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio included) are just a money chasing joke. Trump should not run as a politician. He should run as just who and what he is — an arrogant and sometimes crude, often bombastic businessman who has made a lot of money and is beholden to no special interests. He might not save the world, but he maybe could help America. He’d certainly be better than anything else the Republicans currently have to offer. And that includes Jeb and Scott and the entire rest of the “clown car”. Right now there is nobody in the Republican field who is electable, other than maybe Donald Trump. Like him or not, he is the genuine article. He calls things the way he sees them, and he doesn’t have to kiss anyone’s ass for money. That in American politics makes him unique.

Trump should not run as a politician. He should run as just who and what he is—an arrogant and sometimes crude, often bombastic businessman.

I can’t wait to see him on the debate stage with those other Republican clowns.  Talk about “The Comedy Hour”.  In America we like to think our Presidents are at least intelligent.  To his credit, Trump has to be smarter than Jeb Bush, even a chimp clears that hurdle.

The conservative “Club for Growth” wants to exclude him from the debates because (as Trump tells it anyway) he declined to give them a million dollar donation. So, in their estimation he is not a serious candidate. The fact that he is already being attacked so vociferously by members of his own party should only endear him to us Liberals, and (at least to my way of thinking) come as a resounding character reference. And I would argue that Trump is the only serious Republican in the race because he plans to finance the run by himself. The others are all being financed by some billionaire donor or a Super Pac funded by people who are contemptuous of the average working American. Trump is an elitist, and probably a bigot if you listened to how he referred to immigrants coming into this country as mostly criminals. But other Republicans have the same sentiments, and are just as opposed to legalizing the status of the illegal immigrants already living in this country. They are just too chicken and too fundamentally dishonest to admit it.

He says he has web-sites constructed for three dollars — that’s right, three dollars. It would be fun to see just how effective he would be in dealing with the Pentagon and the Defense Department on some of our biggest defense boondoggles, say like the F-35 fighter/bomber. Probably not even “The Donald” could negotiate the Pentagon down on some of its deals. But — for the sake of the budget, and some degree of fiscal sanity —  somebody has to try.

Trump says he’s going to restore our standing in the world, and he promises to make our trading partners tremble, want to cover their heads and hide under the covers. He’ll bring back American jobs, and tell the Saudis, our shaky Middle East ally, just where they can put their oil. This is tough talk, but the kind of tough talk that Americans aren’t used to hearing from President Obama, or a politically correct, bought-and-paid for Washington establishment. Who cares if some of our so-called allies have their feathers ruffled. It’s time for Americans (the politicians who represent us) to stand up for America.

The Donald’s goofy hairdo is a trademark now. But trademarks are a good thing. They make people comfortable because they think they know the brand. No matter what you might think of him personally, Donald Trump is a brand, in a way that no other politician can claim to be a brand. Maybe this country needs a little authenticity for a change, something different from the rest of the packaged politicians — the off-the-shelf goof balls and no-name phony brands in the Republican “clown car”.  Trump will take up so much oxygen the rest of these clowns won’t even have room to breathe.

Personally, and as outrageous as he might be, I think he’s a badly needed breath of fresh air on the Republican side. So don’t count him out. Ride on America, and C’mon Donald!

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Trump Monopoly Money photo credit: Word & Image, Gage Skidmore, Some Rights Reserved, Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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