Theatre of the Absurd

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The house GOP leadership has demonstrated again, in rather spectacular fashion — with the failure to pass the border crisis bill — their stunning incompetence and inability to get anything positive done. This comes on the heels of their recent reorganization following the departure of Eric Cantor as house majority leader. This was the first time at bat for the new leadership team of majority leader Kevin McCarthy and house Republican whip Scalise.  This was their own bill — their baby! And the new duo struck out — resoundingly so. Some would say they went down not even swinging.

These are the same Bozos, along with the rest of the “do-nothing” Republican house, who were planning to go home on the upcoming summer recess to sell themselves — to their constituents in their home districts, and ostensibly the rest of the country — as the only responsible leaders in the government, the same crew who’s only legislative achievement thus far has been the recent House resolution — passed along party lines — to sue the president for over-reaching his constitutional authority. This would all be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad for the country. .

It is equally stunning that House Republicans could even consider leaving Washington with nothing done on the border bill; but it appeared, at least until late yesterday, like that was what they were going to do — while at the same time having the gall to blame the president for not using his executive power to resolve the crisis. The very reason for which John Boehner, the House speaker, was suing the president. The irony in this defies belief. If this all sounds a little crazy, it’s because it is. No where but the U.S. Congress could something as goofy as this happen. The Republicans have shown they couldn’t operate a lemonade stand, let alone run the government.

The real joke in all this is Speaker John Boehner. In his role as Speaker of the House, he has been completely sidelined —  like he has been on so much important legislation —  and it appears like the Republican House is now being run by that low-ranking, Looney Tune freshman senator Ted Cruz from Texas at the direction of a minority of Tea Party crazies from the conservative right-wing of the party.  And remember, this guy Ted Cruz — who was born in Canada — is the son of immigrants himself.  Now he and those right-wing nuts in the Republican caucus have derailed their very own immigration bill.  And we call this constitutional government?  Ted Cruz is not a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.  He was not elected to the House, but he seems to be the one calling all the shots.   The House is worse than dysfunctional.  It is a pompous and pretentious, totally incompetent body,  completely under the control of one man, an ambitious rogue idealogue whose only goal is to make himself a candidate for president.  America is now under a Cruz dictatorship. This is not how good representative government is suppose to operate folks.

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