Waste,Fraud and Abuse

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The Congress (House) recently voted to cut the food stamp program by 40 billion dollars over the next ten years.  The rationale:  we need to cut waste ,fraud and abuse in the government.  If that’s really the goal, then the place to start — it would seem to me —  is surely the Congress itself.  There is no bigger source  of waste ,fraud and abuse anywhere in the whole U.S. government.  The idea that these people get a paycheck for what they do is an outrage, a crime against the Republic.

The sequester (which is the Republican’s signature legislative accomplishment so far in this Congress) indiscriminately furloughs government and public service workers — some of whom provide essential public services for millions of people.  This hurts everyone and in some cases threatens our health and safety.  I would suggest instead that we furlough the entire U.S. Congress.  Send these idiots home for three months at least — without pay.  No essential services will be lost.  And they’re not doing a damn thing anyway but bickering among themselves over taking the country to the brink of financial default in order to further their own petty political agendas.  This kind of public service the country doesn’t need.

Their principle legislative goal now is a shut-down of the entire government (not the part though that processes their paychecks) in order do defund the Affordable Health Care Act.  This will not block health care (the Affordable Health Care Act is already law) but it will hurt the U.S. domestic economy, and cause turmoil in the world financial markets.  This is not what you call statesmanship.  It’s a Washington clown show.  It’s irresponsible and not what the American people expect from their elected representatives.

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